31 October 2011

Selena Gomez shrinks Ke$ha

Selena Gomez shrinks Ke$ha
It had been a few days since Ke$ha had shrunk Selena Gomez by the pool of their resort. Ke$ha was having a great time; each night she’d fish the tiny starlet out of her suitcase and put her to work. The tiny struggling girl was easily pushing all the right buttons. The huge size difference intrigued Ke$ha - she secretly suspected that she’d have just as much fun were she in Selena’s place.

She was soon about to find out exactly how true this was! Ke$ha had overlooked a rather important instruction in the manual that came with her shrink ray. It said “Note: Effects wear off after one week.” Luckily for Selena, the seventh day of her shrinking was fast approaching, and it was to be an interesting day.

Ke$ha had planned a day at the beach with her new toys. Worried that she’d wear Selena out, her plan was to find some more people to collect and put to work. “What better place to find some hot new people than the beach,” Ke$ha thought to herself as she strode down the dunes with Selena and the shrink ray tucked safely in her towel bag.

As she walked, the bag started to feel a little heavier. She shrugged it off at first, but with each step it kept getting harder and harder to carry. Dropping the bag in the sand, she unbuttoned the top and peered inside. Before she could recognise what was happening, Selena’s regrowth went into full effect. The small girl rocketed up through the opening - straight back to her regular size – knocking Ke$ha over in the process. Using the confusion to her advantage, Selena reached down, grabbed the shrink ray and pointed it at the startled Ke$ha.

“I guess it’s time for some payback!” crowed Selena, pulling the trigger. “And I won’t be making the same mistake you did – you’re going to be with me for a very long time!” she giggled as Ke$ha dwindled in a quick flash. Selena plucked the tiny singer from the sand and headed back for the resort. “I’m going to enjoy this - I’m going to do to you everything you did to me … though I have a suspicion you’ll enjoy that!”

“Oh god, she’s right!” thought Ke$ha in a moment of ecstasy, spreading her arms before falling limp in the giant girl's soft hands. “I’m so glad I was so kinky with her!”

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