21 October 2011

Taylor Swift Shrinking Perfume

Shrunken Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift was so excited to unveil her new perfume range. Especially such a unique perfume – it shrank the user for a few hours. As part of the unveiling, Taylor demonstrated the effects of the perfume –while secretly hoping that her dressmaker hadn’t messed up the size-changing fabric in her dress. With a quick spray, the young singer was reduced to a fraction of her usually tall stature. The crowd seemed to love it, and Taylor secretly enjoyed seeing the world from such a different (though strangely fun) perspective.

She was about to start the next stage of the presentation (which included her singing a song with her newly high-pitched voice) when her manager stepped on stage. “We’re pleased to announce a short competition,” she said, “everyone who purchases a sample of this perfume tonight will have a chance to own Taylor Swift – shrunken, of course – for the night!”

“Wait, what?!” cried Taylor in her tiny voice, “I never agreed to that!”

“Yes you did little one,” her manager said with a sly smile. As she spoke, she leaned down and sprayed Taylor with the perfume bottle again. As the tiny Taylor began to shrink again, her manager lifted her up onto the pedestal for press photographs.

“Next time you should read your contract more carefully.”

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